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How to Link Aadhar Card with Facebook, Benefit of Aadhar Linking


Link Aadhar Card with Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook is increasing their security day by day. We get all type of news, knowledge from facebook, Just like that in the opposite side some people creating fake ID on facebook and making facebook a garbage. and the amount of Fake id on facebook is increasing day by day. So, Facebook India has started working linking Facebook with Aadhar Card to ban fake id. In today’s post we will learn How to Link Aadhar Card with Facebook. Along with this, you will also learn to verify the Facebook ID, Advantage of aadhar card linking with facebook.

First we let’s discuss about Linking aadhar card.

Benefits of linking Aadhar card with facebook

To remove Facebook from your existing card, please call the facebook id

Nowadays it is very important to Link aadhar card with facebook to prevent fake id and to safe your facebook account. If you want to stay on Facebook for a long time, then you must have to verify your Facebook ID with aadhar card. And the best thing is that if someone reports on your Facebook ID, then your Facebook Account will not be blocked, people will not be able to block your account even if they want to do that.

What is the benefit of linking Aadhar Card with Facebook Account:

Well, there is a lot of advantage to link aadhar card with your facebook account. But let me tell you about some important benefits.

  1. If you verify your Facebook Account with Aadhar Card, then your Facebook account will never be blocked or disabled.
  2. If someone reports on your account, your account will not be blocked.
  3. Accepting or sending more and more friend requests will never get your account blocked
  4. You can share more link to any Facebook Group, your link will not mark as spam and you will never get blocked.

Remember on thing, Don’t do much spamming or your account can be block. More spamming is against facebook terms & condition.

Now you learned the benefits of Linking aadhar card with facebook.Now, we will learn how to verify or link your aadhar card with facebook .

How to link Facebook account with Aadhar card, How to verify Facebook account

If you reading this article then you must have a facebook account , So lets start.

To verify your Facebook account, you must have to get blocked on facebook. You will not get the option of linking the Aadhar card without blocking tyour account. So first let’s know how to block your Facebook account. Follow the methods described below to get blocked your Facebook Account.

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First  join with any of a Facebook Group . Or you can create your own group too.

After joining the group, post http://adfly 4-5 times. Your message will be blocked as soon as you post this message.

If your Facebook account is not blocked by posting this post in  group, then you open anyone’s profile and copy the  text of whole profile  from the beginning to the end and send to anyone by chatting. Your account will be blocked.

Now you have already blocked your account in the manner described above. Now I will tell you further how to verify the Facebook account with aadhar card.

How to link Facebook Account to Aadhar Card

To verify the Facebook account we need a photo of Aadhar card. First of all, capture  a clean and clear photo of your aadhar card from your mobile. Now log in to your Facebook Blocked Account. When you will do this process, then a window will opened, which you will be asked to verify your account. As you can see in the photo below.

aadhar card

Or you can also go to the Direct ID verification page from this link Click Here


In order to verify the account, you have to write your full name in the first box that was your Facebook id.

After that click on the photo of your Aadhar card, upload it to your ID option.

And enter your country name in the last box.

After filling all the details, click on the Send button.

“One thing must be kept in mind that the date of birth and name that is on your aadhar card should be the same date of birth and name on facebook”

Now your facebook account will get back within 4-5 hours you will receive a mail from Facebook to your verified email. which will tell you that your Facebook id is completely verified. This means that your Facebook account is linked to aadhar card.

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