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Whatsapp Text Status with Colour Background Available in Beta Version


WhatsApp has included a new way to create a status “Whatsapp Text Status with Colour Background”

Like on Facebook, you can create a status with a color background and layer text and emoji on top. To create one, tap the pencil icon in the status tab. The font can be changed by pressing the text icon, and to change the background color, just tap on the palette. There’s no option to choose a specific color, so just tap the icon. To add emoji, just tap the smiley icon and choose the one you want. To enter text, touch the middle of the screen, and the keyboard will pop up. Then, as always, hit the green send button.

whatsapp text status

whatsapp text status

Remember that this feature is only available in  Beta version, So, fist you need to apply for Beta program. To do that follow bellow.

To get beta versions of WhatsApp through the Play Store, you can sign up here, after few minutes later an update will available , and then you’ll have the latest WhatsApp upgrade before all your friends do.

Download previous versions of WhatsApp:

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